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D B Tone powder

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D B Tone powder

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D B Tone powder

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D B Tone powder

What is D B Tone powder used for?

DB Tone, a distinctive ayurvedic cure for diabetes is a product that has been developed as 1947, by Sri Sugathan Vaidyar, a renowned ayurvedic practitioner. He had been handed Ayurvedic knowledge spanning centuries, with his forefathers whose constant search for excellence has generated several powerful ayurvedic formulations. Through time, Sugathan Vaidyar who put much emphasis on the complications of diabetes improved DB Tone as a diabetes supplement for diabetes and associated complications.


Just 2 percent of diabetes-related deaths are because of irregularity of glucose amounts. The remainder 98 percent is a result of the complications of diabetes..


Benefits of D B Tone powder.

·        Regulates High BP and Cholesterol

·        Cure Kidney Disorders

·        Cure Neurological Disorders

·        Beneficial for Gas Trouble

·        Helpful in Skin and Eye Diseases

·        Beneficial for Heart and Liver Disorders

When to Use D B Tone powder?

·        Frequent urination

·        Fatigue

·        Wasting of muscles

·        Vision problems

·        Skin disorders & damaged blood vessels

·        Swelling of limbs

·        Nausea 


 D B Tone powder Cointains

·         Memordica Charantia

·         - 75g

·         Emblica Officinalis

·         - 25g

·         Terminalia Chebula

·         - 25g

·         Terminalia Ballerica

·         - 25g

·         Withania Coagulans

·         - 25g

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