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  • Ayulabs Defet-5 capsule special offer

Ayulabs Defet-5 capsule special offer

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Ayulabs Defet-5 capsule special offer

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Ayulabs Defet-5 capsule special offer

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Ayulabs Defet-5 capsule special offer

  • Description
  • Defet-5 capsule is a well thought and well balanced combination to cut down obesity assuring normal activity, normal life and normal figure. Obese persons are more prone to hypertension diabetes, arthritis, cardiac complications etc., as compared to normal person. Defet-5 capsule cuts down obesity, reduces complication, dilutes risks and promotes mobility.Defet-5 capsule reduces serum cholesterol level.
  • Indication
  • To correct improper fat metabolism resulting in undue weight- gain and obesity.

  • Dosage
  • One to Two capsules three times a day for three to four months or as directed by the physician.

  • Ingredients
  • Tryushanadya Loha: It reduce fat deposits on adipose tissues and corrects fat metabolism. It increases glucose utilisation in tissues and reduces the conversion of glucose into fat. In diabetes Tryushanadya Loha reduces blood sugar concentration from body tissues.
  • Medohar Guggulu: It increases lipolysis, improves digestion and stop fresh fat deposition. the effect of the drug is noticed in four months. it has role in elephentiasis. it reduces cholesterol.
  • Muliseeds: A known diuretic, muliseed expells extra fluid from the tissues reducing weight.
  • Arogyavardhini: in various types of obesity, Arogyavardhini converts fatty tissues into other easily assimilable in livr. it also enhances digestion of fats. it tones up the entire digestive system and enhances better excretion of toxins from G.I.tract and urinary tract, antagonising fat deposition. it strendthens liver, its functions and also checks liver enlargement.
  • Ext.Triphala: Combination of Harde, Baheda and Amla in equal quantities.A very well known text book, " Chark Samhita" Quotes for Triphala, "One who takws Triphala with ghee and honey orally daily, lives hundred years without any disease". Triphala has multiple properties and is used in several disease. One of the important properties of Triphala is to reduce obesity by stimulating the G.I. tract and helping proper evacuation os waste material mucosa and inhibits absorption of fat globules from the gut. Triphala helps complete assimilation of food. Triphala with muliseeds give fast results.Suddha Shilajit: A Very well known and time tested lipolytic drug . it improves the overall physiological functions of the body. thus it converts fat into energy and increases energy out put
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