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Chirattai Thailam

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Chirattai Thailam

Benefits, Ingredients, Preparation, Indications, Dosage, Mode of Application, Precautions, Side effects, Research Papers and Diet for Chirattai Thailam

Benefits of Chirattai Thailam

Chirattai thailam is indicated for the external application for various skin disorders. It's effective in the treatment of warts, scars, and corn.

Ingredients of Chirattai Thailam

Coconut nutshell.

Preparation of Chirattai Thailam

Chirattai Thailam is a classical Sidha product with reference to the Siddha Formulary of India. Siddha is a medical science that flourished with Dravida culture and Tamil literature. It has a very great similarity to Ayurveda, but medicines used are different and the techniques administered in the manufacturing processes are greatly modified to increase the efficacy of the medicines. The dosage of the medicines is low compared to Ayurvedic medicines and the Siddha system is the extension of Ayurveda Rasashastra. The indigenous research in the wisdom of Alchemy based on Ayurvedic principles have enabled the development of the Siddha medicines which are now widely used for the treatment of dreadful diseases like Carcinoma, Blood disorders, Auto immune disorders, etc.

Chirattai thailam is prepared in the special vessel (Kuzhi Thaila Karuvi) buried in the earth and firewood is ignited above the vessel for a prescribed time. Crushed coconut shell is preloaded in the vessel before the burial and vessel are kept airtight using an organic paste made of herbs and flour powders. The resultant product is a highly corrosive oil and it's diluted with coconut oil as per the requirement.


    Skin Disorders
    Thickening of Skin

Dosage and Mode of Application

Take 1 ml of Chirattai Thailam and dilute with 5- 10 ml of pure organic coconut oil and apply to the dried affected part and keep for 10- 30 minutes. Wash with green gram powder or Rita.


Dilute properly and test the dilution in a small non-affected part.

Side effects

Concentrated oil is highly corrosive and will burn the skin and tissues.

Diet of Chirattai Thailam

Avoid red chilly, non-vegetarian food.

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