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Bipha Drugs Eladi Thailam

  • Brand: Bipha Drugs
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Bipha Drugs Eladi Thailam


A traditional face and body massage oil in which cardamom and other botanicals are blended in sesame oil to clean the skin of its impurities. Great for soothing dry, itchy skin and, this oil improves complexion and skin texture with regular use. This gentle, skin-cooling oil which alleviates problems caused by Vata and Kapha vitiation can be used on both dry skin and normal skin. Ideal for children and infants.


    Removing dark spots, itching, rashes, irritations, pigmentation marks
    leaves you with clear glowing skin and a radiant aura.


Each 10ml is prepared out of: Ela?Elettaria cardamomum (95mg), Sthoola Ela?Amomum subulatum (95mg), Turushka? Hydnocarpus laurifolia (95mg), Kushta?Saussurea lappa (95mg), Phalini?Callicarpa macrophylla (95mg), Mamsi?Nardostachys jatamansi (95mg), Jaladhyamaka?Coleus zeylanicus (95mg), Sprikka? Anisomeles malabarica (95mg), Choraka?Angelica archagelica (95mg), Chochapatra? Cinnamomum zeylanicum (95mg), Tagara?Valeriana wallichii (95mg), Sthauneya?Taxus baccata (95mg), Jati? Myristica fragrans (95mg), Rasa?Commiphora myrrha (95mg), Shukti?Ostrea edulis (95mg), Vyaghranakha?Capparis sepiaria (95mg), Marahva? Cedrus deodara (95mg), Aguru?Aquilaria agallocha (95mg), Shrivasaka?Pinus longifolia (95mg), Kumkuma?Crocus sativus (95mg), Chanda?Costus speciosus (95mg), Guggulu?Commiphora mukul (95mg), Devadhupa?Shorea robusta (95mg), Khapura?Boswellia serrata (95mg), Punnaga? Calophyllum inophyllum (95mg), Nagahva?Mesua ferrea (95mg), Tila taila?Oil of Sesamum indicum (10ml).


    Apply on the skin and leave it on for 20-30 minutes.
    Bathe in lukewarm water.

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