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Ayulabs Bactefar Capsule

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Ayulabs Bactefar Capsule

Ayulabs Bactefar Capsule

Ayulabs Bactefar Capsule is an excellent digestive enhancer with exotic herbs traditionally used to heal the ailments of the digestive system. When the digestive juice is not properly secreted, gut flora loss it’s acidic nature and unwanted microorganisms start multiplying in a favorable environment. This leads to Amoebiasis and other digestive disorders.

Ayulabs Bactefar Capsule is one of the successful antiamoebic treatment which ensures fast and predictable results in amoebic and bacillary infections causing diarrhea and dysentery.  Bactefar capsule normalizes the hypermotility of the intestine and has a powerful astringent effect to prevent dehydration, It relieves mild abdominal pain and does not cause gastric upset, nor does it disturb normal intestinal flora.

Benefits of using Ayulabs Bactecfar Capsule :

Effective in Amoebiasis & Giardiasis.

Controls Frequency of stool.

Useful in irritable bowel syndrome.

Astringent, cooling & No metallic taste.

Indications of Ayulabs Bactefar Capsule

Chronic Amoebiasis





Composition of Ayulabs Bactefar Capsule

Each 450 mg Ayulabs Bactefar Capsule contains :


Common Name

Latin Name

Part Used




Aegle marmlos

Fruit ( ABP 317)

100 mg



Holarrhena anti-dysenterica

Seed ( ABP 110)

100 mg



Bombax malabaricum

Resin ( ABP 406)

50 mg



Holarrhena anti-dysenterica

Shastok (ABP 110)

50 mg


Swet Parpati


Shastok (ASSP 486)

50 mg



Ferula assafoetida

Resin ( ABP 443)

50 mg



Plantago ispagula

Seed (ABP 128)

25 mg


Panchamrut Parpati


Shastok ( RTSIP 312 )

15 mg


Ras Parpati


Shastok ( RTSIP 303 )

10 mg


Dosage of Ayulabs Bactefar Capsules :

Adult: Two capsules 3 times a day 2 hrs after food for 5 to 7 days or as directed by the physician.

Children: One capsule. twice or thrice Preferably 2 hrs, after food, or as directed by the physician

Diet for Ayulabs Bactefar Capsules

Avoid Non- Vegetarian Food

Avoid Diary products.

Drink a lot of boiled water, liquid food, and fresh fruits and vegetables till hunger and thirst become normal.


Precautions for Ayulabs Bactefar Capsules

Take food on time.

Avoid preserved food.

Do regular mild exercises.
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