Liv-Long Emcumin

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Liv-Long Emcumin

Diabetes management



Turmeric Extract (Standardized 90% Curcuminoids)


150 mg

Amla Extract (Standardized 30% Polyphenols)


350 mg

Sesame Seed Extract (Standardized Sesamin 70%)


15 mg





Emcumin is a Premium Product for Diabetes Management that contains Biocurcumax - the re-constituted Curcumin of unmatched bio availability, Amlamax - the re engineered Amla fruit rind extract with higher levels of Emblicanins, and Sesamin - the lignans isolated from Sesame seed that improve bio-availability.

Biocurcumax, the reconstituted Curcumin, offers enhanced  bio-availability and improved retention time in the blood for optimum efficacy .

Amlamax the extract of Indian gooseberry is rich in Emblicanins and natural vitamins.

Sesamin - the lignans isolated from Sesame seed  improve the bio-availability and efficacy of the product and helps in controlling blood pressure.

Emcumin is a Premium Product for Diabetes Management and the active ingredients ,makes it a unique formulation, Emcumin can act for Diabetes management without any side effects , and offers an array of benefits like Anti Oxidant, prevention of Cardiac problems, Hypercholestrolemia etc. Sesamin further improves the Bio-availability of the Active ingredients for better efficacy. Sesamin has got mild anti Hypertensive property as well. This is a unique combination of all natural active ingredients, which are in use for thousands of years by millions of people in
India. Regular use of Emcumin can give long term results without any side effects.

Emcumin is recommended in diabetic cases with hypertension.

Dietary supplement, not for medicinal use.



650mg Film coated Tablets
Pack: Food grade HDPE bottles of 90’s
Recommended Usage: 1 Tablet twice daily

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