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Bajaj Flusicol Tablet

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Bajaj Flusicol Tablet

Flusicol Tablets

Flusicol Ayurvedic Anti – Pyretic
FLUSICOL is a broad spectrum multi - action formula useful in the managements of non specific fevers, influenza and common cold.


FLUSICOL Tablet contain Damanak, Harmal and Afsantin which are the key herbs in relieving general fevers, influenza and common cold. They also exhibit detoxificant activity by clearing Circulating toxins released by infective pathogens.
Tankan Bhasma, Vatsanabhi and Kiratatikta in FLUSICOL are antipyretic and anti-infective in their property. They reduce high fevers and help reduce high fevers and help reduce the virulence of infections. Tankan Bhasma in FLUSICOL acts as a sedative to mucous membrane in irritable conditions of fauces and pharynx. Godanti Bhasma and Suddha Gairika in FLUSICOL supplements natural iron and calcium. They help in cooling the system and prevent acidity.
FLUSICOL Tablet also contain Katuki and Shunti which stimulate liver function and restores digestion. Yavani helps in arresting nasal discharge and decongests upper respiratory tract effectively FLUSICOL is also found to be useful in hoarseness of voice. Jatamansi in FLUSICOL helpsprevents rigors due to high fevers, bodyaches and ensures sound sleep, whereas Guduchi prevents general weakness and restores energy levels.


In non-specific fevers, influenza, sinusitis and common cold.


Hyper Sensitivity to any of its ingredients.
Each Tablet Contains
Harmal 60 mg Jatamansi 30 mg Yavani 30 mg Shuddha Vatsanabhi 30 mg Tankan Bhasma 90 mg Godanti bhasma 30 mg Guduchi satva 20 mg Shuddha Gairik 30 mg Shunti 30 mg Afsantin 30 mg Damanak 30 mg Kiratatikta 60 mg Katuki 30 mg


1 – 2 Tablets, 2 – 3 times a day, or as directed by the physician.


Store in a dry Place
Keep away from Light and Heat
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