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Alcin Tablet

  • Brand: Bipha Drugs
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Alcin Tablet

 Bipha Drug Laboratories - Alcin Tablets

  • First rate remedy in chronic ulcerations and other inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Anti inflammatory activities and gastroprotective effects
  • Analgesic and healing capacity for intestinal wounds
  • Antacid properties to regulates stomach pH and beneficially alters acid-mucus balance
  • High in natural vitamin C and also provides Ellagic acids which are excellent antioxidants to cleanse blood and bowel

Indications of Bipha Alcin Tablets :
This is very effective in hyperacidity and accompanying complaints, abdominal colic, heart burn, nausea, vomitting, peptic ulcer, inflammatory bowel diseases and ulcerative colitis.

Ingredients of Bipha Alcin Tablets :

Vidanga - Embella Ribes is Carminative, stimulant, anthelmintic and alterative

Chithraka - Plumbago Rosea is alterative gastric stimulant and appetiser

Chavya - Piper Chaba is useful in colic and renal diseases.

Triphala - Chebula myrobalans are extensively used in combination with belleric and embellic myrobalans under the name of Triphala and also as adjunct to other medicines in numerous diseases.

Shunti - Zingiber Officinale is aromatic, carminative, stimulant to the gastro - intestinal tract, stomachic and digestive.

Maricham - Piper Nigrum is stimulant, carminative and a good remedy for various gastric ailments.

Pippali - Piper Cubeba is stimulant, carminative and alterative

Mandoora is useful in anaemia, diarrhoea, chronic bowel complaints and nervous diseases like neuralgia.

Dosage of Alcin Tablets

For Adults - Two tabs twice daily before meals or as directed by the physicians
For Children - One tab twice daily before meals or as directed by the physicians

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