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Gufic WH5 Gel- Wound Healing Expert

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Gufic WH5 Gel- Wound Healing Expert

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Gufic WH5 Gel- Wound Healing Expert

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Gufic WH5 Gel- Wound Healing Expert

Benefits, Ingredients, Indications, Usage, Side effects, Diet, Contraindications of Gufic WH5 Gel- Wound Healing Expert


Aloe vera- Aloe barbadensis 18.0 % w/w

  • Anti microbial, anti inflammatory and anti- oxidant
  • Promotes faster healing
  • Provides protective barrier on affected skin

Turmeric - Curcuma longa 1.25% w/w

  • Decreases Lipid peroxide levels and increases superoxide dismutase levels.
  • Anti- septic.

Karanj oil - Pongamia pinnata 3.0% w/w

  • Antiseptic and bactericidal properties- inhibits the growth of the micro- organisms.
  • Promotes early wound healing and has regenerative properties.

Cow ghee 3.0% w/w

  • Antiseptic and soothing.
  • Promotes tissue growth.
  • Improves the permeability of biological membranes.

Honey 3.0% w/w

  • Powerful bacteriostatic effect.
  • Shortens inflammatory phase.

Evidence proves that, WH5 reduces ROS ( Lipid peroxidase) levels, more effectively as compared to Povidone- iodine.


  • Burns
  • Abrasion
  • Radiation skin damage.
  • Cuts and Wounds
  • Insect bite.
  • Cracked heels

Benefits of WH5 Gel

  • Non-staining, non-irritant, soothing.
  • Suits all types of skin.
  • Standardized herbs.
  • No adverse effect.
  • Well tolerated.
  • Faster wound healing.


Apply sufficient quantity 2- 3 times daily on affected area or as directed by the physician.

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