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Mosons Indulekha Skin Care Oil

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Mosons Indulekha Skin Care Oil

Human skin gets dry, wrinkled and may lose its natural grace and charm due to climatic fluctuations, usage of artificial beauty enhancers and because of natural aging. As unhealthy skin may bring about several other related ailments intimate care and nurturing is essential for the skin to maintain its health and charm.

Indulekha is a protein rich, natural, side effect less skin care oil with the herbal medicinal properties of Aloe vera, Almond and Coconut-milk. Indulekha enhances the natural complexion offering maximum softness and grace to the skin and effectively removes pimples, wrinkles and all other blemishes on the outer skin.

Indulekha is formulated using cold process technology which helps the medicine to pierce into the skin and repair the root cause. Properties of Almond in Indulekha aids to sustain the youthfulness of the skin, and the Aloe vera ingredient in it is vital in maintaining the pH level balance of the skin that enriches smoothness of the surface. Being rich in Vitamin E anti-occident Indulekha enhances the complexion level removing all sorts of marks, blemishes and other pigmentations. It also contains useful fatty acids aiding complete protection to the skin from all sorts of bacterial-fungal attacks.

How to use Indulekha Bringha oil for excellent results


  • For normal skin and oily skin: Apply 15 minutes before bath.
  • For dry skin: Apply witihin 1 minute after bath while the skin is damp.
  • For extremely dry skin: Apply 15 minute before bath and within 1 minute after bath.
  • For best result: Apply a generous amount of oil onto skin and keep it overnight or as directed by the physician.

Indicated for:


  • THWAKROGA (Skin Disease)
  • VARNA VIKARA (Pigmentation Disorder)
  • YOUVANA PIDIKA (Pimples)
  • PAMA (Dry Skin)

    The active natural Ingredients used along with Virgin Coconut Oil

    Almond Oil (Badam Oil)

    Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E. Alpha-tocopherol is the kind of vitamin E the human body absorbs best, and it is considered the most important antioxidant and free-radical scavenger. Studies indicate that vitamin E in almond oil performs all these functions when applied topically. It improves the skin’s water-binding ability and reduces water loss thereby improving the appearance of rough, dry and damaged skin. Almond oil also contains vitamin K, which has been shown to reduce the appearance of dark circles and improve skin discoloration. Plant fatty alcohols in almond oil when applied to skin, form an occlusive film to keep skin moisture from evaporating, and they impart a velvety feel to the skin.

    Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis)

    This popular plant, has been used in more than one of Indulekha products and is abundant in its goodness. In the Indulekha Complete Skin Care oil, this natural ingredient helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin to sustain its smoothness. Aloe also protects your face from the development of fine lines due to the antioxidant content. It is ideal for preventing sagging skin and wrinkles.

    Additonally Vitamin E and fatty acids from natural sources constitute as the ingredients for Indulekha Complete Skin Care Oil, which helps greatly in improving the complexion and preventing wrinkles and ageing. They also protects your skin from fungal and bacterial infections.

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