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Bajaj Livshield Tablet

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Bajaj Livshield Tablet


Ayurvedic Tablet for Optimum Liver Function
Livshield is an effective remedy for control of various liver disorders and to protect the liver from damage by hepato toxins.


LIVSHIELD contains key drugs like Bhumyamalaki, Bhringaraj, Parpataka, Tripala, Daruhaldi and Katuki which are known for their hepato-protective and anti-infective properties. These herbs activate sluggish liver and restore normal liver functions.
Krishna Tulasi, Kantakari, Kasamarda, Arjuna and Guduchi in livshield exert antianaemic activity in combination. Ayurveda believes that anaemia is one of the main causes for occurance of liver disorders hence these herba help in preventing anaemia and improve general health.
Gokshura, Punarnava, Palasa pushpa in Livshield are known for their diuretic activity and promote renal clearance of metabolic waste.
Trivruth, Karanja, Yavani, Kumari and Vidanga help in eliminating worm infestation and provide mild laxative activity thus clearing the bowels.
Ativisha, Chitraka, Maricha, Pippali, Negavalli, Methica, Dhanyaka and Ajwain help in restoring appetite and digestion.
Livshield thus proves to be a right answer in handling disorders associated with liver.


In disorders of Liver like Jaundice, Infective Hepatitis, Loss of appetite and in conditions of Hepato Spleenomegaly.
Each Capsule Contains
Bhumyamalaki 62.0 mg Bhringaraj 31.0 mg Punarnava 31.0 mg Krishna Tulasi 31.0 mg Palash Pushpa 31.0 mg Tripala 37.0 mg Yavani 12.2 mg Methika beej 12.2 mg Nagavalli 12.2 mg Marich 7.6 mg Pippali 6.2 mg Ativish 1.8 mg Chitrak 31.0 mg Kantakari 31.0 mg Kasamarda 31.0 mg Arjuna Twak 31.0 mg Daru Haridra 20.0 mg Karnanj beej 12.2 mg Kshetra parpata 12.2 mg Dhanyak 12.2 mg Trivrut 7.6 mg Guduchi Satva 4.0 mg Kumari 1.6 mg


1-2 tablets twice a day, or as directed by the Physician.


Store in a dry Place
Keep away from Light and Heat.
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