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Vaidyaratnam Jeerakarishtam

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Vaidyaratnam Jeerakarishtam


* Helps to overcome weakness, restore health & energy, relieves abdominal cramps & stimulates the normal involution of the uterus after pregnancy.
* Improve the health of women after delivery.

* Boosts beast milk production & relieves lactation problem.

* Very effective in post delivery treatment, sprue, chronic diarrhoea, dyspepsia.

  Soothika rogas

  Grahani dosha


  Vahni dosha


  15-30 ml twice daily or as directed by the physician


  Soothikaroga chikitsa

Asavam and Arishtam
Either decoction/ aqueous extract or fresh juice is made from the crude herb to which nutrients/ sweeteners such as sugars like jaggery, honey or sugar, singly or wholly are added. To the resulting solution, certain fermenting aids like Dhataki Pusha, etc and prakshepa choorna are mixed and kept it in a fermentation vat for 30- 60 days. In this condition, alcohol is self-generated and alcoholic extracts from prakshepa choorna are obtained. It is then filtered and kept for settling. Such preparations are called Arishtam.
In the case of Asavas, the initial step of the preparation of the aqueous extract from the medicines are taking place from the second step of preparation of Arishtam.
The asava- arishta has therapeutically higher potency, clear liquid with a pleasant odor. As these preparations mature over a period of time the efficacy also increases.
Normal dosage is 15 ml to 25 ml preferably after food.

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