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Kameshwar Modak

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Kameshwar Modak

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Kameshwar Modak

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Kameshwar Modak

What is Kameshwar Modak used for?

A highly effective mix of medicinal herbs, this cannabis-infused miracle is ideal to rekindle your sexual life. Their powerful aphrodisiac property enhances endurance and performance. This formulation can also be ideal for sportsmen and bodybuilders since it has all of the ingredients which help build muscles.


Cannabidiol (THC & CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol, Saponin.

Benefits of Kameshwar Modak

·         Enhances energy vigour and increases stamina

·         Improve endurance and performance

·         As ginseng, it aids in building muscle power.

·         Treats problems like premature ejaculation, Impotence, Erectile dysfunction and reduction of libido


Two to three tablets twice daily  with lukeworm water or milk after food or as directed by physician.

Ingredients of Kameshwar Modak

Abharak Bhasma, 0.95mg
Kayfal, 0.95mg
Kushta, 0.95mg
Ashwagandha, 0.95mg
Galo, 0.95mg
Methi, 0.95mg,
Moch Ras, 0.95mg
Vidarikand, 0.95mg
Safed Musli, 0.95mg
Gokhru, 0.95mg
Talamkhana, 0.95mg
Kel No Kand, 0.95mg
Shatavari, 0.95mg
Ajmo, 0.95mg
Jatamnsi, 0.95mg
Tal, 0.95mg
Dhana, 0.95mg
Kapurkachli, 0.95mg
Gangeran, 0.95mg
Kachur, 0.95mg
Jayfal, 0.95mg
Sindhav, 0.95mg
Bharnag Chal, 0.95mg
Kakdshingri, 0.95mg
Kalimiri 0.32mg
Sunth, 0.32mg
Jiru, 0.95mg
Chitrkmul, 0.95mg
Taj, 0.95mg
Ealachi, 0.95mg
Tamalpatra, 0.95mg
Nag Keshar, 0.95mg
Vijaybu, 1.95mg
Punarnava, 0.95mg
Gajipiar, 0.95mg
Draksh, 0.95mg
Khas No Valo, 0.95mg
Sembhal Mulsi, 0.95mg
Ambla, 0.32mg
Harde, 0.31mg
Kauchabij, 0.95mg
Khand, 77.90mg
Ghee, 4.05mg
Madhu, 4.05mg
Exciepients, q.s



Question - How long does it take to show results?

Improvements can be appreciated in about 10 days’ time.

Question – Is there any Side effects?

There are no recorded side effects with this medicine. But do not overdose.


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