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  • Bajaj Kofney Cough Syrup

Bajaj Kofney Cough Syrup

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Bajaj Kofney Cough Syrup

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Bajaj Kofney Cough Syrup

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Bajaj Kofney Cough Syrup

Kofney Cough Syrup for Cough & Respiratory Track Infections.

Kofney Ayurvedic Cough Syrup Tulasi

KOFNEY SYRUP is a non-sedative, non-habit forming, mucolytic expectorant with added demulcent properties.


KOFNEY SYRUP is effective in all types of cough,due to the action of the main ingredients like vasa and Tulsi.
Vasa is Kofney has a slight but persistant bronchodilatory and well marked expectorant action. Hence in actual bronchitis, specially whwre there is thick and tenacious sputum, quick relief is provided. In Chronic bronchitis cough is relived and sputum is liquified. The depressive action on vagal termini by vasa provides the vital relief from irritationand spasms in hthe bronchioles.
Vasa also helps prevent haemorrhagic tendencies. Yastimadhu provides the necessary demulcent properties by its soothing action. Kantakari helps neutralise allergic tendencies.
Arkamool acts in combination with Vasa by providing additional anti-tussive and bronochodilatory benefits.
Tulsi in Kofney syrup by its antibacterial property takes care of the infection in the respiratory tract. Its expectorant action removes the sputum from the airway and restores proper air flow. Tulsi is also attributed with anti-tubercular properties and thus Kofney Syrup can be added to the regular anti T.B regimen as a supportive drug in cough associated with tuberculosis.
The other ingredients like Chaturjataka, Kankol etc., have mucolytic, expectorant and anti-tussive properties. Thus Kofney Syrup is well balanced formula in managing all types of cough.
Each 100 ml Contains
Vasa 10.00 g Yastimadhu 2.00 g Tulasi 3.33 g Arkamoola 2.66 g Kantakari 2.00 g Twak 0.166 g Ela 0.166 g Tejpatrak 0.166 g Nagkeshar 0.166 g Kankol 0.166 g Shunti 0.166 g Pippali 0.166 g Marich 0.166 g Mishreya 0.166 g Pudina Phool 0.050 g Bhimseni karpoor 0.010 g Nilgiri Tail 0.0550 ml Base Q.S


All forms of cough and respiratory Tract Infections.


Children : 1 Teaspoonful 2 to 3 times a day. Adults : 2-3 teaspoonful 2 to 3 times a day, or as directed by the physician.
Caution Store in a dry place. Keep away from Light and Heat. Shake well before use.
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