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Vaidyaratnam Manjishtadi Thailam

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Vaidyaratnam Manjishtadi Thailam


Very effective for burning sensation of head and eyes.


Each 10 ml contains

#Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Quantity
1TailaSesamum indicum10 ml
2KumariAloe vera20 g
3ManjishtaRubia cordifolia
4SaribaHemidesmus indicus.026 gm
5AbdaCyperus rotundus.026 gm
6TakkolaIllicium verum.026 gm
7JatiphalaMyristica fragrans.026 gm
8SrikanthaSantalum album.026 gm
9HaritakiTerminalia chebula.026 gm
10AmalakiPhyllanthus emblica.026 gm
11VibhitakiTerminalia bellerica.026 gm
12TagaraValeriana jatamansi.026 gm
13YashtiGlycyrrhiza glabra.026 gm
14ElaElettaria cardamomum.026 gm
15TvakCinnamomum verum.026 gm
16PatraCinnamomum tamala.026 gm
17NagahwaMesua ferrea.026 gm
18UsheeraVetiveria zizanioides.026 gm
19ChandaCostus speciosus.026 gm
20UlpalaKaempferia rotunda.026 gm
21AmbhaPlectranthus vettiveroids.026 gm
22BisaNelumbo nucifera.026 gm
23PayaMilk10 ml
24InduCinnamomum camphora.026 gm
25AnjanaAntimony026 gm.
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Nethra roga

Siro roga


Keep a copper vessel in low flame and heat for 3 minutes. Take the vessel off and pour required Manjishtadi oil and apply gently and keep for 20 minutes and wash it off with green- gram powder.


Sahasrayoga - Tailayogas- 69

Avoid Sunbath after applying the oil.


Only for external application.


Avoid spicy and preserved foods. Take enough green vegetables, salads and fruits. Drink water boiled with herbs like Manjishta, Usheera, Chandan, etc.

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