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Vaidyaratnam Neelibhrungadi Thailam

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Vaidyaratnam Neelibhrungadi Thailam


  Nili (Patra) Swarasa

  Bhrungaraja Swarasa

  Satakratu lata (Indravaruni)

  Dhathri rasa (Amalakirasa)



  Dhenudbhava (Godugdha)

  Tila thaila





  Kesa Vardhana



Neelibhringadi Oil is Ayurvedic hair oil, used to improve the quality of hair, to treat split hairs, premature graying, and baldness. This herbal oil is formulated based on Kerala Ayurvedic principles. 

Neelibhringadi Thailam Uses: 
It is used to treat premature graying, baldness, split hairs, hair loss, scalp itching, and dandruff.
Useful in the itchy scalp, hair thinning

How to use Nilibhringadi Oil?
This oil is meant to be used for external application only. It is applied over the scalp, followed by a gentle massage for five minutes.
It can be applied at night and hair wash can be done in the morning.
It can also be applied in the morning, half an hour before head bath.
In small quantities, it can be applied on a daily basis.

To wash off the oil – herbal hair wash powder is preferred. If not, soap or shampoo is also fine to use.

Does it cause hair fall initially?
Yes, some people have observed hair fall in an initial couple of weeks. But over a period of 2 – 3 months, it leads to hair regrowth and prevention of hair fall.

Combination with other hair oils –
Usually, an equal quantity of hair oil mix with Ayyappala Kera Tailam or Kuntalakanti hair oil is made along with Neelibhringadi.

Oil combinations:
Some people mix this oil with equal quantities of almond oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. It is fine to do so, though not very necessary. This traditional herbal oil, in itself is capable enough to do the prescribed job.

Neelibhringadi Tailam side effects:
Some of the complaints noted with this oil are –
Small bumps on the forehead (usually noted when the oil is applied and left on the head for a very long period of time)

Some people experience cold and sinusitis worsening, if applied at night.
It is happening so because Neelibhringadi Taila is coolant in nature.
If you wish to apply it at night, do the following procedure:
Take 200 ml of the oil, pour it into a steel vessel.
To it, add 10 grams of pepper powder. Heat it in mild heat for three minutes.
After three minutes, filter it. Use this oil to apply at night.
If the problem persists, then you will have to apply it only in the morning.


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