Parkinsons Ayurveda Panchakarma Package

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Parkinsons Ayurveda Panchakarma Package

Parkinsons Panchakarma Package

Parkinsons or PD is described in Ayurveda as Kampavata. Here at AyurvedaForall, we have a great package of 14 days for rejuvenating PD patients.

Our treatment package is tailored after the personal consultation with the patient and please send your details to our Head, Department of Neurology at

The price is inclusive of all the treatment and medicines for 14 days,  six months online consultation, accommodation for two, food and yoga. The package also offers 10 % life long discount for Parkinsons medicines like Zandopa, Kapikachu, Dhanwantharam Capsule, Kshirabala tail. The bystander will receive complimentary oil massage and steam bath for 14 days.

The treatment is conducted in well-reputed healthcare resorts in Kerala. There is 24hrs medical assistance and has outing facilities, the internet and walk ways.

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