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Bipha Drugs Rajanyamalakadi Tablets

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Bipha Drugs Rajanyamalakadi Tablets

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Bipha Drugs Rajanyamalakadi Tablets

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Bipha Drugs Rajanyamalakadi Tablets


Rajanyamalakadi is formulated for the management of diabetes.
» Prompt reduction in FBS levels
» Reduces glycosylated hemoglobin levels effectively
» Controls blood sugar levels in both Type I and Type II Diabetes
» Tones up the pancreatic function and promotes insulin secretion
» Prevents degeneration of cells
» Better changes in lipid profile
» Clinically tested and validated.


» Rajani (Curcuma Longa): It is used in diseases due to impurity of the blood and helps prevent ophthalmic problems of diabetes.
» Amalaki ( Emblica Officinale): is employed by ancient physicians for diabetes and indigestion.
» Ponkaranti (Salacia oblonga): is prescribed in weakness, pain in the body, and joints of diabetic patients.


    Curcuma Longa 125mg
    Embilica Officinale 125mg
    Salacia oblonga 250mg
    Excipients q.s.


 Diabetes mellitus, to control sugar level.


 One or two tablets twice daily before food.

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