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Description:  A combination of well known ingredients for external application by gentle massaging.

Composition:   Each 100 g. contains:

Pudina arka (Mentha arvensis) - 5 g.
Karpoor (Camphora officinarum) - 10 g.
Nilgiri tel (Eucalyptus globulus) - 2.5 ml.
Gandhaberoza tel (Pinus palustris) - 2.5 ml.
Gandhapura tel (Methyl salicylas) - 5 ml.
Paraffin base - qs


Specially prepared paraffin base makes the action prolonged. Gandhapur tel is readily absorbed through the skin and is used for relief of pain in lumbago, sciatica and rheumatic conditions.

Pudina arka applied to the skin dilates the vessels causing a sensation of coldness followed by analgesic effect and is useful for headaches, rheumatic pains and neuralgias. Karpoor too acts as a rubefacient and mild analgesic and counter-irritant in fibrositis and neuralgia. Nilgiri tel is a respiratory anti-septic and often used in inhaled steam or as an ointment in colds for external application.

Gandhaberoza tel like Nilgiri tel , is also used as counter-irritant and cutaneous stimulant in the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions, to relieve neuralgia and rheumatic pains and for application to the chest in bronchitis and pleurisy. When inhaled these two essential oils arrest profuse secretion and relieve congestion of the bronchioles in bronchitis.


Headache, cold and cough, bronchitis, aches and pains, neuralgia, sprains. Can also be inhaled with vapours from boiling water in chest colds. Apply Rubzon on the affected part and massage gently.



Tube of 15 gms

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