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Nagarjuna Siva Gulika

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Nagarjuna  Siva Gulika

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Nagarjuna  Siva Gulika

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Nagarjuna Siva Gulika

Siva Gulika

Siva Gulika ( Shiva Gutika) is an effective herbal tablet combination, which acts as a rejuvenating tonic for internal organs. It's effective in respiratory disorders, Cardiac diseases, Liver Diseases, Spleen disorders, Renal Diseases, Psychiatric ailments, etc. Other uses are-

Siva gulika Uses

 The name itself denotes the importance of the tablet- Shivam is the universal energy and Shiva gulika like universal energy can resolve the health issues of the world. For a clinician, it's a powerful tool to fix the issues of the vital organs. When we administer the tablet to a patient, his/her internal energy will be recharged without interpreting the regular metabolism. So this preparation is very useful for chronic patients who are exhausted due to the intake of synthetic chemical preparations. The combination is used in the treatment of a variety of diseases like Liver diseases, Spleen disorders, Ascites, Psychotic disorders, epilepsy, ascites, hiccup, rhinitis, cough, bronchitis, allergic disorders, anaemia, heart diseases, vomiting, skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, ghout and inflammatory diseases. 


 Liver Diseases Spleen Diseases Ascites Hiccup Rhinitis Bronchitis Cough Anaemia Heart Diseases Vomiting Ghout Skin diseases Epilepsy Mental ailments 

Shiva Gulika ingredients

  Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Shudh Shilajeet Asphalt Triphala Emblica officinalis Terminalia chebula Terminalia bellerica Bala, Moolam Sida retusa Patol patra Trichosanthes dioica Dashmool Bilva Aegle marmelos Kasmari Gmelina arborea Agnimantha Premna serratifolia Patala Stereospermum colais Shyonaka/Aralu Oroxylum indicum Kantakari Solanum surratense Brihati Solanum indicum Salaparni Desmodium gangeticum Prsniparni Uraria picta Gokshura Tribulus terrestris Giloy Tinospora cordifolia Kakoli Roscoea purpurea Kshir kakoli Fritillaria royelei Gomutra Cow’s Urine Meda Polygonatum verticillatum Maha Meda Polygonatum cirrhifolium Vidari Pueraria tuberosa Shir vidari Pueraria tuberosa Shatavari Asparagus racemosus Sweta Jeerak Cuminum cyminum Krishna Jeerak Carum carvi Gorakhmundi Sphaeranthus indicus Shalparni Desmodium gangeticum Rasna Alpinia galanga Pushkarmool Inula racemosa Chitrakmool Plumbago indica Dantimool Baliospermum montanum Gajpippal Scindapsus officinalis Indrayava Holorrhena antidysenterica Chavya Piper chaba Nagarmotha Cyperus scariosus Kutki Picrorhiza kurrooa Kalimirch Piper nigrum Sunti Zingiber officinalis Pippali Piper longum Talispatra Abies webbiana Jaggery  Honey  Chotti Elaichi Elettaria cardamomum 


The ingredients are ground for 24 hours to make a semi-solid consistency mass to make gulika or pills. This is a continuous process done manually in olden days and now mechanization is easing the task. 

Classical Reference

 Sahasrayogam-Gulikayogas- 62 

Siva Gulika Dosage

 Two tablets twice daily along with hot milk or soup or fruit juice or arishta or asava. 


 Vegetarian diet. Avoid red chilly, excess salt and spices. 

Siva Gulika Side effects

 There are no side effects. if taken in the prescribed dose.  


 Most of the patients have chronic ailments affecting internal organs, so please do regular monitoring.

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