Bajaj Sklear

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Bajaj Sklear

Sklear Tablets for Skin Infection, Boils, Pimples, Itching . . .

SKLEAR as the name usuggest Clear the systematic and local mani festation on skin caused due to infections by the disturbance, in internal physiology. (RAKTA SHODHANA).


The Concept of Raktashodhana is age old and was found to be apt in the sense that certain disorders were found to hhave their roots originated from the blood, (Hematogenous). Cleared by Sklear.
SKLEAR contains Suddha Gandhak, Triphala and Bavanchi which show a vital anti-infective and anti-bacterial activity.
Twak, Ela, Patra and Nagakesar popularly called as chaturjatakas in sklear, clear the pathology and help maintain health of skin and body.
Shunti, Ardak and Dwipanthara Vacha in Sklear are yogavahi, an activity by which they carry the medicaments along with them and help in clearing spreading infections.
Guduchi and Bringaraj helps to increase the overall health of body and protect the liver functions.
Khadira, Manjista and Devadar in Sklear purity the blood and actagainst disease causing pathology.


Useful in skin infection and disease, like Boils, Pimples, Itching.


1 to 2 tablets twice a day with milk or water or as directed by the Physician.


Store in a dry Place
Keep away from Light and Heat.
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