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  • Vasu Trichup Conditioner

Vasu Trichup Conditioner

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Vasu Trichup Conditioner

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Vasu Trichup Conditioner

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Vasu Trichup Conditioner

  • Trichup Conditioner : 100 ml lemi tube with flip-top cap.
  • Trichup Conditioner : Makes hair manageable and easy to comb
  • Trichup Conditioner : Provides smooth and silky look

    Vasu Healthcare offers Trichup hair conditioner. Trichup Conditioner potion with the goodness of Aloe vera & vitamin B5 that works naturally on tangled hair with a unique 3-step action, leaving it soft and silky.
    Trichup Hair Conditioner imparts shine to dull hair, making hair smooth and easily manageable. The unique moisturizing effect of Aloe Vera helps to de-tangle the hair and protects it from the harmful UV rays. With high strengthening qualities, Trichup Conditioner gives the hair an extra bounce and shine.
    Trichup conditioner is borne out of a real need of today`s women. As they spend more and more time out of home, exposure to pollution, dust and sunlight makes their hair rough and dry. Hair dyes, frequent shampooing and hard water further damage hair and cause tangles. Trichup conditioner arrests the breaking of a hair, prevents tangle and allows you easy manageable combing.
    Trichup conditioner containing fruit acids that protonates the hair proteins, providing the hair with positive charge and thus more hydrogen bonds between the keratin scales, giving the hair a more smooth and compact structure. Trichup conditioner is formulated to give your hair deep and intensive nourishment, it softens hair and lends it a real luster and bounce.
    Salient features of Trichup Henna:
    » Effectively moisturizes whole strand of hair
    » Makes hair manageable and easy to comb
    » Provides smooth and silky look
    Directions for use:
    » Apply Trichup conditioner over full length of hair after shampooing. Leave it for 2-3 minutes and rinse off.
    Presentation: 100 ml lemi tube with flip-top cap.
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