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Himalaya Inflamin Vet

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Himalaya Inflamin Vet


Antagonizes the effect of inflammatory mediators
Checks the inflammatory process.

Accelerates healing process
Provides quicker recovery.

Protects vascular integrity
Prevents edema formation.


Anti-inflammatory: As an anti-inflammatory, Inflamin Vet prevents the release of inflammatory mediators in animals.

Controls swelling: By protecting the vascular integrity of capillaries, it controls swelling and edema.


  • Treatment of subclinical mastitis.
  • Adjuvant therapy in clinical mastitis.



The oil contains ricinoleic acid, which relieves various inflammatory conditions of the skin and mucus membrane.

Five Leaved chaste

It possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It is useful in the treatment of superficial bruises, sores, injuries, and skin infections.
Research Paper
Gross and Histopathological Observations from Two Cases of Thelitis in Buffaloes
Ramaswamy, V., Rajendran, N., Kathirvel, S., Department of Veterinary Surgery, Veterinary College and Research Surgery, Namakkal, India Seshadri, S.J., Venkatesha Udupa, Suryanarayan and Mitra, S.K. R&D Centre, The Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore, India. National Symposium on Topics of Current Interest in Pathology of Animal and Poultry Diseases - The Millennium Approach & XVI Annual Conference of Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists, Bangalore, India, 25th - 27th November 1999, p. 102

Clean the area with warm water. Apply Inflamin Vet Cream liberally to the affected area and massage lightly or as directed by the veterinarian.


Cream: 50 g lamitube.


Inflamin Vet cream contains:
Tila Taila processed in:
  Jatamansi, Kustha, Jyotishmati, Nirgundi, Vishnupriya, Vacha, Yavani, Akarakarabha, Alarka, Maricha, Daruharidra, Gandharva hasta, Manjishtha, Chitraka, Karavira, Dashamoola 22%
 Base q.s. ad. 100%

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