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Zandu Zandopa Special bundle

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Zandu Zandopa Special bundle

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Zandu Zandopa Special bundle

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Zandu Zandopa Special bundle

What are Zandopa tablets for?

It is an ayurvedic remedy for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease from Zandu Pharmaceuticals, India. It is a water-soluble powder sourced from a plant called 'Mucuna pruriens' which contains a natural source of Levodopa.

Mucuna pruriens is one of the popular Ayurvedic herbs, also known as velvet bean or cowhage. This herb contains L-Dopa, a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Zandopa is a standardized, safe, effective & economical natural source of levodopa and can effectively replace Synthetic L-dopa formulations in patients who comply with its dosage regimen. It does not have any side effects of a regular synthetic L Dopa and can also improve the overall functions of the body.

The seed powder of this plant has long been used in traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine for diseases including Parkinsonism. The pharmacological action of Zandu Zandopa Powder is due to the action of levodopa on the brain.

Zandopa also favorably influences psychic behaviors producing a sense of well-being, and an increased interest in self and surroundings. After the initial treatment regimen, the beneficial effects of Zandopa can be maintained for prolonged periods with a smaller maintenance dose.

Zandopa for Parkinson’s disease, fertility, sexual enhancement, arthritic disorder, and nervous disorders. It does not have any side effects except for minor ones like Increased body temperature on taking high doses. Other possible side effects of high-dose mucuna pruriens include insomnia and rapid heartbeat.

What are the ingredients in Zandopa?

Each 7.5gm contains - Standardized processed seed powder of Kauncha (Mucuna pruriens) 6.525 gm in a flavored base.

Zandopa powder Benefits

  • Improved sleep

  • It reduces body fat & decreases cellulite

  • Decreases wrinkles

  • Improves skin texture & appearance

  • Increases bone density and reverses osteoporosis

  • Increases lean muscle mass

  • Improves mood and sense of well-being

  • Enhances libido & sexual performance

  • Increases energy levels

  • Improves cholesterol profile & regeneration of organs (heart, kidney, liver, lungs)

  • Dramatically improves the immune system

  • Advice for Parkinson's Disease Patient

  • Appropriate treatment helps to keep the patient working and enjoying active life for many years.

  • With proper medication, patience, and perseverance to stay active, your signs and symptoms can be controlled for many years.

  • Always allow ample time for each day-to-day activity so that you do need not to hurry.

  • Do not get discouraged if exercises or activities seem difficult on some days.

  • Do everything you can yourself, no matter how slowly.

  • Concentrate on one activity at a time, and avoid trying to do two things at one time.

  • Continue a simple program of exercises regularly.

    How do you take Zandopa?

As directed by the physician.

In half a glass of water (approx - 100ml) suspend the prescribed dose powder, stir, and drink immediately.

Is Zandopa safe? What are the side effects of Zandopa powder?

Side effects include nausea, anorexia, cardiac irregularities, orthostatic hypotension, weight gain, hot flushes, numerous dyskinesias and psychiatric symptoms such as agitations, hallucinations, delusions, and nightmares.

Side effects as encountered with synthetic L-dopa formulations have not been seen to the same severity with Zandopa.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A unique product for Parkinsonism

Zandopa is made from mucuna pruriens- a readily bioavailable natural source of L-Dopa.

Better Tolerability.

Suitable for long-term use.


In Parkinson's disease, Zandopa is -a natural source of dopamine.

  • Why is so unique about Zandopa?

Zandu Zandopa is an ayurvedic formulation derived from the seeds of Mucuna pruriens.

 A long history of use in Ayurvedic practice for CNS disorders and also as a geriatric tonic.

 A natural and richest known source of L-dopa. 

More readily bioavailable than synthetic L-dopa.

  • Does Zandopa's flavored base contain sugar?

Yes! What is the alternative for Zandopa - without sugar?

If you are looking for an alternative to Zandopa - without sugar, we recommend

Kapikachu Choorna - (Pure) Mucuna Pruriens Power

If you have more questions or to consult our physician- Dr Rajesh Nair. Click here!

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