Zandu Snez-Cure

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Zandu Snez-Cure

It's a case study of Vaidya Balenduprakash's  documented clinical practice. A journey started with observations and led to randomised clinical trial in comparison with Levocitrazine among persistent allergic rhinitis. Results speaks for itself, the herbo mineral Ayurvedic product proved four times more effective with four time less side effect to its counter part. It was named IMMBO which turn into fastest acting medicine in the treatment of rhinitis..

Journey continued and that attracted Zandu Emami to look into it. After three years of solid homework now Zandu is all set to extend benefit of decades long experiences with Indian commuters.

Zandu "Snez-Cure" is on its way to create an history by launching a safe and Evidently Effective Rasa Aushidhi

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