Arjuna natural Zepufa

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Arjuna natural Zepufa

Zepufa - Application
ZEPUFA™ in health basics:
EPA and DHA when adequately available to the body, are incorporated into the bilayer phospholipid cell membranes. This ensures the strength, integrity and fluidity of the cell membranes. An intact cell membrane act like a “gatekeeper” to keep the toxins out and bring the nutrients in. Thus for the body to derive optimum benefits of the micro and macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential fatty acids Omega-3, EPA & DHA as in ZEPUFA™ range of products are mandatory as the basic essential nutrition.
ZEPUFA™ in cardiac health
EPA & DHA ensured in custom specific ratios contribute to cardiac health. The EPA & DHA once adequately available, are incorporated in the phospholipid cell membrane. The good eicosanoids (PGE-1) released when the local enzymes like cyclo-oxygenase and lopoxygenase act upon, are anti-inflammatory. It checks the TNF alpha that cause platelet aggregations, inhibit pro-inflammatory prostaglandins and leukotriens to reverse the inflammatory responses, to clean the artery walls, to safeguard against ventricular fibrillation and minimize bronchospasm and gastric irritation, to effect vaso dilatation etc. Infact the oxidized LDL cholesterol burrow into artery walls triggering off the inflammatory responses – unwanted, excessive, throughout the artery walls, round the clock… - that lead to a lot of problems like atheroscierosis, coronary heart diseases, heart attack and / or stroke.
The good eicosanoids derived from Omega-3 EPA / DHA in ZEPUFA™ minimise / neutralize the inflammatory responses to promote cardiac health.
ZEPUFA™ in Arthritis:
Arthritis could be Osteo Arthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an immune disorder whereby the body’s own defense mechanism attack itself with inflammatory reactions. Again the ‘friendly fire’ against oneself. ZEPUFA™ offers EPA & DHA that modulate the immune disorder characteristics to minimize the inflammation and the resultant self destruction to protect against arthritis.
ZEPUFA™ in brain, retina, spermotozoa:
Brain is the second in terms of fat content only to adipose tissue, the fat store. 60% of the brain is fat and more than 60% of this fat is DHA. DHA is found in synaptic vericles and myeline sheath abundantly. More than 50% of retina is fat – DHA. During the last trimester of pregnancy particularly, the foetus literally sucks DHA from the mother for the development of its brain, eyes, CNS etc.
Inadequacy of DHA in the mother’s system could affect the brain development and also deplete the mother off DHA leading to postpartum depression apart from impaired brain development and visual acuity of the baby. Mother’s milk contain DHA to supplement the development of brain, eyes etc of the baby through lactation. This is relative to the DHA supplementation to mother dietarily. And hence DHA supplementation is madatorily recommended by WHO for the benefit of next generation with improved IQ and EYE-Q. Omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA to have risen in the vast horizon of essential fatty acid nutrients as nutraceuticals is now assuming the center stage.
The mental faculties, sometimes viewed above physical health even, is gaining more and more importance world over in view of the ‘n’ number of the epidemiologic, clinical and pharmacological studies and hence international bodies like WHO recommending DHA supplementation to infatnts & children.
EPA / DHA are essential fatty acids. Essential means ‘must be ingested’ because we need them to live but the body can not synthesize it or convert from other fatty acids or transfats. And hence world over EPA / DHA are supplemented in different forms; capsules, functional foods, dietary supplements, infant formulae, topical ointments for arthritis etc.
“EPA will soon be the new generation aspirin”! “DHA will soon be the new generation folic acid”!
ZEPUFA™ - available in ester, triglyceride and powder form in bulk and in capsules.
ZEPUFA™- Isolated from marine lipid, sardine oil extracted from the right quality fish available in required quantity round the year. Thanks to our accessability to approximately 1000 kms of costal area.
ZEPUFA™ for :
Growth Regulation
Modulation of inflammation
Platelet Activation
Lipo-protein metabolism
Nervous system functioning
Brain development & functioning
Visual acuity
Heart muscle protection
Cellular regulatory compounds
Immune responses
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