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Himalaya Mandukaparni

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Himalaya Mandukaparni

The Herb
Latin Names Centella Asiatica Linn. / Hydrocotyle Asiatica
English Name Indian Pennywort
Sanskrit / Indian Name Mandukaparni
Centella Asiatica is a prostrate perennial aquatic herb with roots in nodes. It is steamed and eaten with rice. It is rich in carotenoids, vitamins B and C. The flavonoids 3-Gucosylquercetin, 3-Glucosylkaempferol and 7-Glucosylkaempferol have been isolated from the leaves. An ethanolic extract (80%) of the plant showed the presence of a number of free amino acids.


  Internally, it has been valued as a tonic and is used in bronchitis, asthma, gastric catarrh, leukorrhea, kidney troubles, urethritis, and dropsy. A decoction of very young shoots is given for hemorrhoids. The plant is valued in indigenous medicine for the treatment of leprosy and skin diseases and also to improve memory.
In pharmacological and clinical trials, it has been found to improve the powers of concentration and general ability, and the behavior of mentally retarded children. Asiaticoside found in the leaves promotes wound healing.



  1 capsule twice a day before meals with milk or water.
  Please maintain an hour's gap between the intake of our products and other allopathic drugs.

  * Recommended only at the age of 14 years and above.



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General information:

Centella is a nervine tonic that enhances learning, academic performance, and improves mental ability. It acts as an anti-anxiety agent and is used to treat several mental disorders. It also calms restlessness in children. It is used as a nootropic, a drug that enhances cognitive ability.

Used in Ayurveda for centuries, Centella supports the the normal function of the mind, intellect, consciousness, and good spirit. According to the Alternative Medicine Review (March 2004), ‘Recent research has focused primarily on Centella's cognitive effects, specifically, memory, learning, and concentration, and results support the traditional Ayurvedic claims.’ Researchers from Uttar Pradesh, India, working with Frankston Hospital in Victoria, Australia, also found that Centella showed a supportive effect on memory control and occasional age-associated memory challenges (Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 238-242. 2004).

Therapeutic constituents:

The herb contains the alkaloids Brahmine, herpes time, and a mixture of three bases. The herb also contains the saponins, her saponin and bacosides A and B. Bacosides A and B possess hemolytic activity. Hersaponin has cardiotonic and sedative properties.

Key therapeutic benefits:

  • Centella promotes intelligence, particularly the power of retention. It relieves nervous irritation or agitation. It is used traditionally for enhancing memory and for treating psychosis, epilepsy and anxiety.
  • Centella can elevate the level of cerebral glutamic acid and temporarily increase the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) level in the brain. It is believed that the endogenous increase in brain glutamine may be helpful in the learning process.


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