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Amlamax (Reconstituted purified Amla Extract)



Amla (Emblica officinalis) is said to be the first tree in the world.

Amla fruit offers five of the six basic tastes.

Amla posess the mysterious taste of sweet after bitter.

Amla is the active ingredient of many an Ayurvedic formulations like Chyavanprash as a rejuvenator, biological response modifier and immunity enhancer.

Amla is the richest source of natural vitamin C complex.

Amla is the most potent antioxidant ever.

Amla is heavily recommended in Diabetes.

Losterol the standardized, reconstituted extract of Amla fruit offers the unique properties of Amla in dosage form. Losterol is equivalent to 15 to 20 gms of raw Amla in terms of active ingredients.

It is true that all animals can synthesize Vitamin C in their body where as human beings cannot. It is believed that this is the reason why humans die of heart attack and animals do not. The Vitamin C complex in Losterol not only provide properties seven time better than any other form of Vitamin C but go beyond to protect the antioxidant Vitamin C from oxidative damage.

The active ingredient of Losterol can recharge the antioxidant vitamin E oxidised by free radicals.

The active ingredients of Losterol can increase the inherent antioxidant enzymes of the body like SOD, CAT, GPX by many fold for an unmatched antioxidant defense.

On regular use Losterol helps to:

Elevate HDL-C, the good cholesterols

Lower LDL-C, the ugly cholesterols

Lower VLDL-C and TG, the bad cholesterols

Protect liver and kidney etc

Dietary supplement, not for medicinal use.



500 mg Hard Gelatin Capsules
Pack: Food grade HDPE bottles of 90�s
Recommended Usage: 1-2 Capsules at bed time

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