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Bipha Drugs Special pack of Bipasil

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Bipha Drugs Special pack of Bipasil

This special pack contains 540 tablets of Bipasil (6 boxes).

Bipasil provides the total alkaloids of sarpagandha, along with various correctives, laxatives and diuretics. Controls and corrects the causative factors responsible for hypertension.
Indications: Hypertension due to arterial, renal, Neurogenic disorders, Nervous irritability and tension.
Each Tablet Contains:
Pulvis Sarpagandhi 60mg Pulvis Gokshura 20 mg
Pulvis Prasarani 20mg Pulvis Punarnava 20mg
Pulvis Rasna 20mg
Pulvis Aswagandha 20mg
Dosage: Start with 2 tabs twice daily gradually tapering the dosage

Description 1.Comprehensive therapy for hypertension of all aetiologies 2.Scientifically formulated with all alkaloids of Rauwolfia serpentina -enhancing safety and efficacy profiles 3.A unique combiantion of natural antihypertensives with natural A.C.E inhibitors and Calcium Channel Blockers 4.Aswagandha-a proven natural adaptogen-Regulates anxiety and provides vitality 5.Contains natural diuretics-reduces the risk of electrolytic imbalance
Indication :Hypertension of all aetiologies
For Adults Considering systolic pressure >200-two tablets thrice daily before food. >160-two tablets twice
For Children  
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