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Vaidyaratnam Manasamithra Gulika Tablet

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Vaidyaratnam Manasamithra Gulika Tablet


This is a unique classical herbal preparation indicated for stress and insomnia. It is also effective to improve memory.


Powders of-
Bala, Nagabala, Vilwa, Dhavani, Vidrumam, Sankapushpi, Tamra Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma, Pushkaramoolam, Sringam, Vacha, Tapya, Chandan, Rakta Chandan, Mukta, Loha Bhasma, Madhookam, Magadhi, Tippali, Kapoor, Elam, Visala, Arkam, Dinesavalli, Sindhuvaram, Musta, Rasna, Kanmadam, Rajatam, Gojihwa, Padmakesara, Jeevaka, Rishabhaga, kakoli, Ksheera Kakoli, Brihati, Sravani, Maha Sravani, Bhunimba, Aragwadha, Twak, Parooshaka, Triphala, Guduchi,nirgundi, gopika, Aswagandha, Somavalli, Jeevanti, Nisha, Useer, Draksha, Yashtimadhu, Ridhi, Doorva, Hamsapadhi, Bhadra, Lavanaga, Tulsi, Kasthoori, Kumkum
Processed in
Brahmi, Sankapushpi, Vacha, Anata, Lakshmana, Vilwa, Bala, Cow's milk, Jeeraka, Somavalli, Breast milk.
It is a brain and nerve tonic and rejuvenator. It improves all mental faculties.


In Children

Improves academic performance
Useful for Mentally Handicapped

In Professional & Youngsters

A stress buster
Reduces mental fatigue
Improves concentration

In women

Pre-Menstrual tension
PMS(menopause Irritability)

In Elderly
Good nervine tonic

Imparts good sleep
Checks degenerative changes
Alzheimer's Disease
Parkinson's Disorder

In Psychosomatic Disorders

 Stress Reduced Hyperacidity
Stress Reduced Hypertension

Diet: Vegetarian with low spices.
Sexual activities not permitted during the course of medication.


  1 tablet once daily at night with milk or as directed by the physician






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