Acidity – Life style

December 19th, 2007

Our hectic lifestyle takes a toll on our health and we often feel a burning sensation in your stomach and chest i.e, acidity. Ayurveda believes that characteristics of Pitta include acidity so by following qualities that are opposite to pitta  in diet and lifestyle help restore balance to Pitta dosha. And also it states that Agni (digestive fire) is the main protector of the body and ama (toxic) is the real cause of this disease. The below are the lifestyle recommendations to fight acidity.

General :
* *  Stay cool–both physically and emotionally. Avoid going out in the heat of the day, especially on an empty stomach or after you have eaten tangy or spicy foods.
** Delaying meals can cause excess acidity, so eat on time every day. Do not skip meals, do not fast and do not wait to eat until you are ravenously hungry.
** It is important to get to bed early, so that you can get adequate rest each night. A cup of warm milk, with some cardamom, can be helpful before bedtime.
** Daily elimination is very important to prevent ama from accumulating in the body.
** Indulge in an ayurvedic massage every morning before you bathe or shower.
** Protect yourself from the heat. Stay cool in warm weather by wearing loose cotton clothing.
** Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes when you go out. Drink lots of room temperature water.
** Balance work and play. Set aside some time for Recreation everyday.

Diet : 
** Start your day with cooked fruit, followed by some cereal. Eat a sustaining meal at lunch, and a lighter meal for dinner. Avoid food that has acidity and take foods rich in alkaline content.

Exercise  : 
** Water-based activities are ideal exercise for Pitta-dominant people  Avoid exercising when it is too hot.

Emotional  and  Spiritual  Life  : 
** Set aside about 30 minutes each day for meditation, to help balance the heart and emotions and to enhance body-mind-spirit coordination thereby treats acidity at its root.

 Ayurvedic herbal preparations like Indukantam qwath tablet, aptizoom  syrup, indukantam ghrit, hinguvachadi tab, dadimashtaka churna, chitrakadi tablet, kalyana gulam, dasmoola haritaki leha is to be taken along with the above mentioned life style suggestions.

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