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Ayurvedic medicines- How are they formed?

Ayurvedic medicines like Kashayams, Arishtas, Asavas , medicated oils , tablets and ghees are prepared following strict procedures outlined in classical texts of ayurveda like Ashtangahrudayam. Here we outline the making of these.

Gulika/ Vati/ Vattu/ Tablets

The medicines from plant orgin, animal orgin and mineral orgin are collected, identified properly and cleaned. The ingredients for making powders are to be dried and pulverized separately and then homogenously mixed together and ground into the base as per the formula up to the proper consistency for making gulika. The medicines which require purification, … Continue reading Gulika/ Vati/ Vattu/ Tablets


The ingredients are collected, identified properly then cleaned and dried. Each of the ingredients is pulverised separately and homogenously mixed together as per the formula. These powders are used directly or with additives or used for making decoction according to the condition of patients and diseases.

Leham/ Rasyan

To buy Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda Chitraka Leham Click Here! The new herbs are collected, identified properly, then cleaned and dried. Each of the ingredients for powdering is pulverised separately and homogenously mixed together as per formula. Prepare the kashayam( decoction) or swarasam ( juice) or with warm water, mix it with jaggery/ sugar or sugar candy and … Continue reading Leham/ Rasyan

Medicated oil/ thailam/ coconut oil/ kuzhambu

Medicated thailam/ Coconut oil: The base of these preparations is either sesame oil or coconut oil. The process consists of addition of water extracts( kashayam), swarasa ( juice), kalka ( paste) subjecting the mixture prepared in a regulated temperature. The oils are prepared under the basis of reference texts. So the medicated oils having the … Continue reading Medicated oil/ thailam/ coconut oil/ kuzhambu

Asavam and Arishtam

Either decoction/ aqueous extract or fresh juice is made from the crude herb to which nutrients/ sweetners such as sugars like jaggery, honey or sugar, singly or wholly are added. To the resulting solution certain fermenting aids like Dhataki pusha etc and prakshepa choorna are mixed and kept it in a fermentation vat for 30- … Continue reading Asavam and Arishtam

Dental care- Ayurvedic concept

To Buy Dhathri Ayurveda Dhathri Maavila Dant Care Tooth Paste Click Here! Clean and shining teeth, healthy gums and pleasant breath all contribute to a beautiful smile. Ayurveda believes in the three doshas vaata, pitta and kapha, the mouth is the seat of the kapha dosha. Hence, care must be taken not to vitiate the kapha … Continue reading Dental care- Ayurvedic concept

Ayurvedic Massage Treatments

Ayurveda, a prehistoric healing system, to live a healthy life,  advises us to modify our activities which will be in rhythm with the nature. The body is subjected to the  purification process through panchakarma therapy by cleaning the body, improving  digestion and the metabolic processes hence the health is restored, To Buy Energizing Massage Oil … Continue reading Ayurvedic Massage Treatments

Ayurveda Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine an ancient Indian healing  system is right in sync with our growing awareness of the mind-body connection and  places  equal emphasis on body, mind, and spirit and strives to restore the innate harmony of the individual. CONCEPT : The basic concept of  Ayurvedic medicine is that  the body is seen as a microcosmic … Continue reading Ayurveda Medicine

Ten herbs for the future

Aloe vera Leaf contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins. Its widely used in cosmetic industry. Catharanthus roseaus Contains more than 70 alkaloids, which includes ajamalicine, serpentine and reserpine. The anti cancer drug namely Vincristine and Vinblastine are produced from this plant. Coleus forskohlii Forskohlin, … Continue reading Ten herbs for the future