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Dhathri Fairness Pack

Buy Dhathri Ayurveda Dhathri Fairness Face Pack Here! A fair skin is a much sought after dream in the Indian concept of beauty. The average Indian woman spends thousands of rupees on commercial fairness creams that make dubious claims of ‘miraculous transformation’! These products invariably contain synthetic chemicals, animal hormones and parabens, which result in more … Continue reading Dhathri Fairness Pack

Kumkumadi Oil

Every day our face takes a beating. Sun, wind, smoke, dust and dry weather relentlessly lash on our face, sapping the softness, complexion, and vitality out of it. Dark circles, tanned skin, pimples, and blemishes on the face are the effects of these elements on the skin. Mainstream cosmetics that promise to repair the skin … Continue reading Kumkumadi Oil

Get a Sparkling and Problem-Free Skin with Ayurveda

To Buy Dabur Natural Neem Soap Click here! Skin problems are generally caused by various external and internal factors which include: Exposure to extreme hot or cold weathers Stress Over consumption of alcohol and excessive smoking Diet which contains more refined and processed foods than natural ones Low water consumption Lack of proper sleep Genetics … Continue reading Get a Sparkling and Problem-Free Skin with Ayurveda