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Ten herbs for the future

Aloe vera Leaf contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins. Its widely used in cosmetic industry. Catharanthus roseaus Contains more than 70 alkaloids, which includes ajamalicine, serpentine and reserpine. The anti cancer drug namely Vincristine and Vinblastine are produced from this plant. Coleus forskohlii Forskohlin, … Continue reading Ten herbs for the future

Arthritis and Ayurveda treatment

The concept of Arthritis in Ayurveda : “Arthritis” is not just a term that doctors use when they talk about painful, stiff joints. The term arthritis is derived from the Greek words – ‘arthron’ meaning joint and ‘itis’ meaning inflammation. In fact, it is an ailment that grips atleast one in every 10 people. Arthritis is of … Continue reading Arthritis and Ayurveda treatment

Rhue oil – from immobility to mobility

Click Here to buy Rhue Oil here! Contents Cedrus deodara tail 15%, Mahanarayan tail 10%, Gaultheria fragrantissima tail 10%, Brassica campestris tail 10%, Cinnamomum camphora 9%, Eucalyptus globules tail 8%, Trachyspermum ammi 7%, Mentha piperita 7%, Celastrus paniculata tail 5%, Mahaviahgarbh tail 5%, Mahamash tail 5%, Vitex negundo tail 5%, Cinnamomum zeylanicum tail 2%, Syzygium … Continue reading Rhue oil – from immobility to mobility

R-Pairyn tablet- to restore mobility.

Click Here! to buy R-Pairyn Tablet here Each R.Pairyn tablet contains: Ashwagandha ( Withannia somnifera) 40mg, Mahayograj gulggul 80mg, Trayodasnga guggul 40mg, Maharasnadi ghan 30mg, Shanka bhasma 30mg. Action: Modifies auto immune response, decreases morning stiffness, and ensures improvement and maintenance of joint functions. Indications 1. Rheumatic arthritis. 2. Infective polyarthritis. 3. Osteoarthritis. 4. Arthralgia. … Continue reading R-Pairyn tablet- to restore mobility.

Diabecon- the beacon of hope for diabetics

To buy Himalaya Diabecon special offer Click Here! Action of the formulation- Diabecon increases the peripheral utilisation of glucose and the hepatic and muscle glycogen content. Diabecon promotes β- cell repair/ regeneration and increases the C- peptide level. As it has antioxidant properties, Diabecon protects the β- cells from oxidative stress. Diabecon exerts insulin like action. … Continue reading Diabecon- the beacon of hope for diabetics

Chyawanprash- Magical polyherbal combination arrests aging.

Click here! To order Dabur Chyawanprash Online now The chyawanprash is a classical lehya preparation. Its recipe is scripted in almost all the texts like Charak samhita, Susrutha samhita, Ashtanga hridaya and Ashtanga samgraha. There is a mythological story behind Chyawanprash. According to Mahabharata Chyawan was one of the eight sons of Bhrigu and Puloma. He … Continue reading Chyawanprash- Magical polyherbal combination arrests aging.

Obesity Treatment in Ayurveda

Obesity is the one of the major life style disorders of current times. Diabetes, Cardiologic manifestations etc are the secondary happenings of obesity. Lack of exercise and improper diet has played a significant role in this alarming situation. Over 90% of the present day obesity is due to the above reasons. These conditions have been … Continue reading Obesity Treatment in Ayurveda