Acidity and Digestive disorders – Ayurveda medicine

December 19th, 2007

According to Ayurveda, a holistic medical science, acidity if left unattended may cause many digestive disorders like nausea, vomiting ulcers and constipation.

In Ayurveda all diseased states including acidity arise as a result of ama (toxins) and all ama is the result of an improperly functioning agni (digestive fire). In fact the key to a healthy agni is the intake of easily digested, fresh, lightly cooked, compatible foods eaten consciously at the appropriate time.

Ayurvedic treatment of herbal preparations like Indukantam qwath tablet, aptizoom  syrup, indukantam ghrit, hinguvachadi tab, dadimashtaka churna, chitrakadi  tablet, kalyana gulam, dasmoola haritaki leha,  along with modified life style helps to fight acidity and digestive disorders by

a)  Allowing extra pitta to move downward and pass out through bowels that is natural way to balance vitiated pitta : It stimulates digestive fire, softens the stools and cleanses waste products and makes digestive tract free from acid disorders.

b)  Helping the stomach acid to activate digestive enzymes that break down food into small particles for absorption and brings back it to a normal levels to keep the digestive system free of bacteria and parasites.

c)  Achieving the right balances in body metabolism : very hot or very cold food stuffs and beverages are not be taken as these extremes cause build-ups of acidity in the digestive system.

d) Taking internal Ayurvedic standardized Medicinal herbal extract which are  free from adversities.

e) Helping in relieving heart burn by overcoming abdominal and epigastric discomfort by neutralizing acid secretion.  It is an effective remedy for ulcers also.

f) By taking a combination of eight well tested ingredients, which have effective antiacid properties, it minimizes hyper excitability of vagus nerve and also relieves stress and anxiety, as it is believed that there  are more nerve endings in the stomach than in the human brain – which makes the stomach a uniquely vulnerable organ when it comes to non-physical stress affecting the physical body.

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