Bipolar Vision- Ayurveda Treatment

January 3rd, 2009

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness, which results in extreme mood swings. Once it occur the disease is lifelong and therefore the treatment also has to be taken lifelong. One of the most important disadvantages of the modern medicines for this treatment is that they are having severe side effects, which affects other systems of the body as well. Therefore most of the patients are in search of treatment procedures, which are less problematic. Ayurvedic treatment, which has its origin in India, is one such treatment procedure.

In ayurvedic treatment, the treatment would be given both for the disease as well as for the symptoms. The ayurvedic medicines are herbal preparations, which do not have any side effects. The entire body systems would be cleansed before treatment using pancha karma therapies. This would increase the effect of medicines on the body. The depression itself is categorized as vata, pitha and kapha and separate medicines are given. Some of the medicines given include brahmi. jatamamsi and vacha. Apart from this herbal oil messages are given to keep the patients relaxed, warm and active. This treatment would be complete if the patient follows the life style and diet prescribed by the ayurvedic practitioner.  The diet is purely vegetarian and include whole grains, vegetables cooked with spices, nuts etc. Cinnamon, cumin, Anise, ginger, nutmeg, sesame, etc have antidepressant effects. Ayurveda lifestyle include a routine lifestyle which is early to start and comprise of oil massage before bath, meditation, mild exercises, spending leisure time with loved ones etc.

 Ayurveda has treatment for bipolar disorder, which could be followed much easier than the modern treatment procedures. A bipolar patient suffering from side effects of modern medicines could try the herbal preparations of ayurveda, which would actually provide relaxation and health to the patient. The treatment would be complete only if the patient follows the ayurvedic diet and the lifestyle as well. 

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