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Are there any magical herbs that cure diabetes?

To understand this we need to understand that what are the major Causes of Diabetes :

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1. Sedentary lifestyle
2. Heredity
3. Use of Certain medicines consistently.
4. Increasing age
5. Excess consumption of sugary and junk foods
6. The intestinal bacteria Prevotella copri and Bacteroides vulgatus
7. Lack of sleep
8. Nutritional status of the mother during fetal development

The occurrence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus has been increased tremendously in the present day world. Scientific studies are still ongoing on to identify if there is any genetic reason behind Diabetes Mellitus. It has been scientifically proven that obesity and sedentary lifestyle are the main non- genetic determinants of the disease.

Maintaining a normal BMI, regular exercise and healthy diet help in the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes largely. Treatment involves exercise and regulation of diet.
Type 2 diabetes results in a 10-year shorter expected life span

Signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes:

• Fatigue.
• Frequent urination.
• Excess thirst.
• Blurry or cloudy vision.
• Wounds that will not heal.
• Tingling or numbness in the feet.
• Erectile dysfunction (ED)
• The skin under the armpit and around the groin gets darker


Type 2 Diabetes patients have a ten-year-shorter life expectancy. This shorter life span is a result of a number of complications, which arise due to Type 2 Diabetes- some of the complications are mentioned below:
• Risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke increases to 2 to 4 times
• Risk of lower limb amputations increase to 20 fold
• Increased rates of hospitalizations.
• A major cause for non-traumatic blindness and kidney failure is Type 2 Diabetes.
• Risk of cognitive dysfunction and dementia is increased.
• acanthosis nigricans
• Sexual dysfunction – Erectile Dysfunction/ Frigidity in females
• Frequent infections.


The onset of Type 2 diabetes can be delayed and prevented largely by lifestyle management- following a healthy diet and having regular exercise.
The exercise should be there irrespective of the body weight- scientific studies have proven that risk of Type 2 Diabetes can be reduced by 28% by maintaining a high level of physical activity.
Type 2 Diabetes management also includes lifestyle interventions, lowering other cardiovascular risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and microalbuminuria and maintaining blood glucose levels in the normal range. Self-monitoring of blood glucose for people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes may be used in combination with education, In those who do not want to measure blood levels, measuring urine levels may be done.

How natural remedies for diabetes and high blood pressure can be magically cured :

Modern System of Medicine focusses on Managing Diabetes Mellitus through the implementation of the following 4 steps depending on the severity of the patient’s health issues:
1. Lifestyle monitoring
2. Oral hypoglycemic ( drugs administered through the mouth to normalize the blood sugar level)
3. Insulin
4. Surgery
Lifestyle monitoring:
• Diet: Single diet plan exists for people with diabetes is no longer valid. The Plate Method and carbohydrates counting are the recommended diet plans for Diabetes mellitus..
• . Approximately 150-minute exercise is needed in 1 week for the diabetic person. Physical activity helps weight reduction and improves insulin sensitivity, thus lowering blood glucose levels.
• Stress management: Though a person follows a strict diet and physical activity, stress can hamper the diabetic care.

Usually given subcutaneously either by injections or using an insulin pump.
Weight loss is achieved by Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) by reducing the size of the stomach.
Surgery improves Type 2 Diabetes in nearly 90% of patients by:
Lowering blood sugar
Reducing the type and dosage of medication required
Improving diabetes-related health issues

Natural Management and Magical Cure of Diabetes Mellitus through Ayurveda and Yoga:

Ayurveda manages Diabetes Mellitus by getting rid of the root cause, which leads to Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, by using natural methods and the magical use of herbs and the herbal preparations that help in the prevention and cure of the disease and the associated risk factors. The Allopathic system of medicine also relies on lifestyle monitoring and diet control in the management of diabetes Mellitus, but Ayurveda provides more specific herbs and herbal preparations that can multiply the chances of natural healing magically.

The following habits can have a great impact in naturally controlling Diabetes Mellitus Type 2:

1. Different physical activities like walking, jogging etc.
2. There are several Yoga poses that have been found to be especially effective for diabetes include:
• Dhanurasana (bow pose)

• Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend)

• Padangusthansana (head to toe pose)

• Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

• Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)


• Ardha-matsyendrasana (spinal twist)

• Supta Vajrasana (sitting pose of firmness)


• Shalabhasana (grasshopper pose)


• The yoga poses combined can help with blood-oxygen levels and pancreas stimulation and in stress management.
• Shavasana or relaxation pose should be done between different yoga poses.
• Routine yoga practice, along with other lifestyle changes will help in the relief of diabetic symptoms largely.

Following the “daily routine” (“Dina charya”) suggested by great Ayurveda scholars helps the prevention of Diabetes to a great extent, which is described as follows:
1. Waking up 1 hour prior to sunrise ( “Brahma muhurta”)
2. Scrap the tongue
3. Brushing teeth with sticks from specific herbal trees indicated in Ayurveda texts
4. Application of medicated eyeliner ( “Anjanam “ with Ilaneerkuzhamp or depending on the individual’s nature etc. and as prescribed by the physician)
5. Gargling with sesame oil for 5 minutes and massage, the gums after spitting out the oil.
6. Urination and defecation
7. Moderate exercises depending on the stamina of the individual, after oil application
(“Abhyanga”) all over the head and body.
8. Body and head shower – warm water should be used for the body and cold water from the head and face.

Natural remedies /dietary supplements, which help to cure Diabetes mellitus 2:

From the opinions of different Ayurveda Scholars, it is not necessarily some natural foods that contribute to the development of Diabetes Mellitus. Therefore, a physician cannot advise avoiding some foods totally, but can only advise restricting the quantity of intake of some specific foods.
The quantity of natural food intake should be strictly personalized and reassessed depending on the age, the body traits, place, season etc.
The QUANTITY OF FOOD INTAKE assessed on age, body traits, place, season etc. These are the natural supplements for diabetes type 2 which helps to prevent as well as naturally cures it.
The patients can rely on a natural cure by intake of low caloric foods like the following:
• Cereals – Horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorium), Mungbean ( Vigna radiata ) etc.
• Leafy vegetables – Snake gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina), Drumstick
(Moringa oleifera) etc.
• Fruits – Pomegranate, Java plum( Syzygium cumini), Indian Gooseberry
(Phyllanthus emblica), Dates from Date palm tree ( Phoenix dactylifera)
• Oils- Mustard oil

The patient can include the following magical herbs that cure diabetes alongside with their regular diet intake:

• Water with Honey
• Garlic
• Black pepper
• Turmeric
• Asafoetida
• Rock salt
Powder of Indian Gooseberry (Emblica Officinalis), Terminalia bellerica and Myrobalan (Terminalia chebula) in equal amounts.

Some Magical Herbal preparations used in Ayurveda treatment, which should be taken as per the prescription of a qualified Ayurveda practitioner, are listed below:

1. Nisha kathakadi kashayam
2. Panchathikthaka Guggulu ghrutham
3. Nimbadi choornam
4. Vyoshadi choornam
5. Aswagandhadi choornam
6. Kalyana ksharam
7. Dasamoolarishtam
8. Usheerasavam
9. Dasamoola harithaki lehyam
10. Madhusnuhi Rasayana
11. Agastya Rasayana
12. Kaishora Guggulu

Even the modern system of Medicine agrees with the impact of lifestyle change and dietary change in reducing the symptoms and finally destroying the root of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, while Ayurveda has always been focusing on the natural herbal remedial system for Diabetes Mellitus, which eliminates the root cause for the disease and the associated risk factors.
The system of Ayurveda is based on preventive and curative aspects of diseases- the Swasthavrutha (the routines a healthy individual should follow) is aimed at the prevention of diseases. The daily routines described above helps the prevention of all ailments including Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and it can otherwise be called lifestyle management, as mentioned in the Modern System of Medicine. These lifestyle hacks suggested by Ayurveda Scholars, are magical remedies to prevent and cure Diabetes mellitus and maintaining a healthy life.


Sticking to the daily routine schedule described I Ayurveda and doing the mentioned Yoga poses can help the prevention of occurrence of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, in those who are prone to due to hereditary impact.
Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 has been proven to be managed and strictly regulated by following a healthy lifestyle.

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